gumballmachine1200Candy Color Book Patterns

These candy designs came about as I designed the Gingerbread House drag and drop game for scissorcraft's visitors. It was a real challenge because I didn't want to use clip-art candies or cropped photos of actual pieces of candy.

So, I collected photos of all the sweet treats I could think of and set about drawing my own unique and individual candy pieces for the games. Once I finished making the games, it occurred to me that the large images I had created as drafts could be useful to artists and kids alike for not only simple printing and coloring but for embroidery and other craft purposes as well.

Make creative lollipop Christmas decorations by tracing the images onto colorful foam sheets to cut and paste together for soft ornaments. Embroider onto pillow cases or onto clothing for fun festive candy theme decorations.

Make a pin the tail on the donkey sort of game by printing out these candies for the kiddies to color, then make a large Christmas tree or gingerbread house out of construction paper and tape onto the wall. Have the kids decorate the tree or house with their colorful candy creations.