007globnot carrier1200Child-Size Crop Circles - Directions


Crop "circles" are generally intricate and complex geometric patterns that seem to mysteriously appear overnight primarily in English farm fields.

Most crop circle are sizable patterns formed by flattening sections of a field of wheat, maize, barley, or rye.

Farmers generally do not appreciate aliens invading their fields and ruining their crops, so we recommend creating crop circle in safer environments such as in your yard, driveway, on the beach or school playground.

If you are fortunate enough to have tall grass or a cooperative farmer to create your child-size cropcircle, great.

Make Child-Sized Mysterious "Alien" Crop Circles

alien with a plank of wood

  • Alien Masks (for a disguise)
  • large, flat surfaces (fields of wheat)
  • wooden or metal stakes
  • planks of wood
  • knotted ropes
  • moonlight (or a few of really good flashlights).

You can make child-sized crop circle easily.

Ingredients for creating child size crop circles are pretty simple. All you need are a few good aliens and these simple tools listed here:

alien with a knotted rope

Instead of intruding upon or destroying valuable wheat fields, and gathering heavy planks of wood and rope, you can substitute these:

  • Chalk, white and/or colored
  • Asphalt or concrete playground surface
  • Freshly fallen snow or sandy beach
  • A lawn in need of a good mowing
  • A skein of string or yarn
  • Shoeboxes (instead of planks) snowshoes or heavy cardboard fitted to the child's feet
  • Broad daylight
  • Tent stakes or strong dowels

alien with flashlightPound the tent stake (or dowel) into the ground, tie the string or yarn to the stake.

Have the child or children walk in circle with the plank of wood in front of them.

Press the grass or vegetation (or snow, sand) down with the plank of wood as they walk.

Soon they will have a perfectly round circle to experiment with further.

How to Diagram Your Crop Circle