Religious Spiritual 

Angels Sing

Christian symbols are frequently used to teach about the Christian faith and the history of Christianity. Chrismon craft patterns and templates may be used for teaching children a variety of crafty skills. These symbols perfectly envision biblical and theological concepts that are well known and easily recognized.

Some of these repetitive patterns are kaleidoscope creations by my old, ancient and totally obsolete Paint Shop Pro program which still works for me, so why change? When an image looks promising I run it through the kaleidoscope to see what designs result. Some times I find weird aliens and strange (weird) alien creatures, which I place in papercropcircles.com of course because, why waste a good alien image, right? Many times out pops images with patterns of spiritual and religious significance.

Large versions of these repeating patterns and decorative characters are located throughout scissorcraft sites.

Spiritual Theme & Kaleidoscope Tiles