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Church  Mazes and Labyrinths

church maze

Church mazes have long been used for making spiritual walks or pilgrimages along the spiraling path toward a rosette or other religiously significant decoration.

Print and "walk" these labyrinths with finger paints, color crayons or markers. Enlarge and recreate these patterns to create real labyrinths on sidewalks, driveways or on flat surfaces, beaches or in sand or snow.


Generally church labyrinths have stopping points along the way so walkers may pause and reflect, pray, contemplation or meditate before continuing.

Create a mosaic with cut up pieces of colored or foam sheets.

Resources and References

These links go to Internet websites that discuss various types of mazes and labyrinths around the world. Many labyrinths and mazes are open to the public and available for tours.

Visit these links to find activities, number games and other great learning references and resources for mazes and labyrinths.

Color Book Church Labyrinths

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