Alien Globnots and Space Vessels

Alien Space Invaders, Globnots

Space ships. alien invaders and crop circles, what more could anyone want? Crop circles are gigantic and imaginative art forms created in wheat, rye and barley fields. The artists are mysterious, strange and eerie alien visitors who arrive in the dark of night but never seem to show themselves to humans.

Until now.

Occasionally media leaks loudly the discovery of possible life on Mars or water on Pluto and other fascinating space discoveries which never fail to trigger some fun in this artist's head. The mention of a rat-shaped rock recently triggered a slew of crazy Martian rats, bats, spiders, two tailed alien space cats, and other space critters, in addition to space squids and unidentified space floating amoeba spores and crystalline blobs.

Invasion Imminent

Enter GlobNots from the distant planet Zymm, as yet undiscovered by Earth astronomers. Check the Easy Family Tree for ideas on creating family tree diagrams with markers or Crayons for the Globnot social structure. Have fun with a rewarding socially oriented Family Tree style chart for alien species. Family tree charts are great tools for helping children visualize the family structure which may provide comfort by giving children structure and comfort about familial connections.